What I'm Doing Now

If you’re not familiar with the whole /now thing, have a look. TL;DR: this is a quick way for me to write up what I’m currently up to. Every now and again I’ll update this.


Currently up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Upcoming Conferences

A trip to Fiji in July for a long-overdue holiday. Nothing else planned.

Side Projects

I’ve teamed up with @robmen to help provide some new project leadership to Squirrel.Windows.

Aside from that and the ongoing maintainership of some Node packages, I don’t have any real time for other side projects.

What about XYZ?

I’m trying to narrow the amount of things I have going on at once to get a better work-life balance. I don’t mind making myself available to bounce ideas around if time permits, but I’d have to take things off my plate before considering new work.

I want to get in touch!

My contact details are on my GitHub.

I’m also on Twitter, if that’s your scene.