What I'm Doing Now

If you’re not familiar with the whole /now thing, have a look. TL;DR: this is a quick way for me to write up what I’m currently up to. Every now and again I’ll update this.

Life stuff

  • Getting back into bouldering after a long hiatus, but recurring back injuries have made it a slow process.
  • Keen to get back into the outdoor life now that we’re unofficially through winter.
  • Mentoring a couple of earlier-career peers, supporting them to navigate changes and help with goal-setting and career growth.

Side Projects

Whatever open source stuff you may know me from is very much on a “as I feel like it” basis.

This is a long story for another time but I’m very much worn out from this work and am not really using this stuff, so I don’t feel the urge to work on it these days.