What I'm Doing Now

If you’re not familiar with the whole /now thing, have a look. TL;DR: this is a quick way for me to write up what I’m currently up to. Every now and again I’ll update this.


Currently up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Upcoming Conferences

None planned. Life changes and being sick of long-haul travel.

Side Projects

I had a bunch of life and work changes in 2019 which mean I’m now re-evaluating what this means for the open source projects that I currently maintain.

If you’re waiting for me to look at something, it’s probably not going to happen in a hurry. Sorry.

I might start some new fun projects to scratch some new itches, but nothing serious planned.

I want to get in touch!

My contact details are on my GitHub.

I’m also on Twitter, if that’s your scene.